Many homeowners today are understandably concerned about the coming winter and how their families might be affected by the increasing costs of basic utilities. In homes where the furnace requires propane to produce heat, the concerns can be even more pronounced as record prices are being recorded for consumers of all types of petroleum products. Fortunately, there are some proactive steps that homeowners who depend on propane can take to help lessen the impact of higher prices while also helping to ensure that their home has an ample supply on hand throughout the coming winter. 

Minimizing the economic impact 

While there is little doubt that homeowners will be paying uncomfortably high prices for propane in the foreseeable future, there are a few ways to minimize the economic impact of higher propane prices. Homeowners should start by discussing the following with their propane supplier: 

  • seasonal discounts for purchasing propane during the summer months
  • pre-paying for a large quantity of propane that will be delivered as needed over the course of the heating season 
  • scheduling an inspection of existing tanks and pipes to ensure that fuel is not wasted

Propane suppliers can also help homeowners understand the potential savings they might experience by installing more efficient appliances and heating equipment or correcting air loss issues inside their homes. 

Ensuring a more stable supply

While price is always a concern, homeowners who are worried about the loss of heat due to scheduling or other delivery problems should also take time to discuss their concerns with their propane supplier. Most propane suppliers offer a variety of solutions that will help to ensure that their customers are able to enjoy a stable supply of propane, even during the worst of winter weather. 

One example of a solution for issues with supply is the installation of a remote tank monitoring device that will alert both the homeowner and the propane supplier whenever tank levels fall below a certain level. Homeowners can also choose to take advantage of automatic delivery scheduling options that will allow the propane delivery driver to top off their tank every few weeks as part of their regular route through the area.  

Homeowners may also want to consider adding a supplemental storage tank or increasing the size of their existing one to help them minimize the impact of pricing and availability issues during the coming winter. Homeowners can learn more by contacting a propane supplier, such as Yavapai Bottle Gas, in their area as soon as possible.