Erosion is when materials are diminished by water, wind, or other natural elements. This is a natural phenomenon, and erosion is why people enjoy the Grand Canyon and other majestic land formations. However, erosion is not ideal for farms or developed communities. For this reason, construction workers use mulch to assist in reducing erosion. 

Problems With Erosion

Erosion can be extremely damaging. Problems associated with erosion include but are not limited to:

  • Farming Issues
  • Landslides
  • Damaging plants and wildlife habitats
  • Damaging roads
  • Damaging homes and other structures

Using Mulch to Control Erosion

To manage erosion, construction companies must take precautions immediately. Many people utilize mulch to prevent these erosion problems when working on a job site. For the best results, it is recommended that at least 75% of the soil in question is covered by mulch. Learn the requirements in  your area to prevent any legal repercussions. 

Types of Mulch

  • Straw

Straw is the least expensive of the mulch options, but it is also the lightest. Being the lightest, it is the easiest for wind to blow away. Straw mulch must typically be reapplied every three months. Typical application is one to two tons per acre. 

  • Control blankets

Control blankets are used often on steep ground. This option is only slightly more expensive than straw. However, it will cost more due to labor costs; the steep landscape causes application to be more difficult. 

  • Hydraulic mulch

Hydraulic mulch is easy to apply because it does not require any manipulation of the ground before application. It can also be used on any slope easily. However, it will cost more than other options. Application is a dual process- once applying from the top of the slope then repeating the process from the bottom of the slope. 

  • Wood chips

The main limitation of wood chips is that you cannot apply them to ground where you plan to plant vegetation. The reason for this is that the high amount of carbon in the wood chips will affect the soil making it hard for things to grow. Wood chips are a heavy option and will not be easily moved by the elements. They are also simple to apply.  

It is our duty as builders and people hiring builders to ensure that proper erosion control methods are established during a construction project. This will prolong the life of the soil and everything around it, including the community. For more information, contact a company like Bill's Hydroseed.