Renovating your home can be a great way to increase your property value and improve the aesthetic of your living space. If you are planning to engage in a home remodel, you will want to consider investing in a rented dumpster to help you get rid of debris.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help reduce the cost of renting a dumpster during your next home remodel.

1. Team up with a neighbor.

Many houses within a neighborhood were constructed during the same time frame. If you are feeling that some rooms inside your home are a little outdated, your neighbors might be feeling the same way.

When you team up with a neighbor and invest in home remodels at the same time, you can share the cost of renting a dumpster to handle any debris generated during the remodeling process. Let your neighbors know that you are planning to remodel your home, and invite them to reduce the cost of their own remodel by sharing a dumpster with you.

2. Donate usable fixtures to charity.

Since many dumpster rental companies charge based on the total weight that is in the dumpster when it is picked up at the end of your remodel, reducing the number of items that you toss out can be a simple way to reduce the cost of renting a dumpster.

By giving your old sink, light fixtures, or countertops to a charitable organization that builds affordable housing, you will help them reduce their overhead expenses while generating some good karma for yourself. Since these types of fixtures are typically heavy, donating them to charity will lighten up your dumpster's load and lower your total rental costs.

3. Recycle whenever possible.

A lot of the wood and wiring that is pulled from your home during a remodel can be recycled. By making the choice to recycle whenever possible throughout the course of your home remodel, you will be eliminating excess waste from filling up your local landfill while reducing the amount of weight that ends up in your rented dumpster.

Recycling can be a great way to help reduce the total cost of renting a dumpster for your home remodel project.

Finding simple ways to make a dumpster rental more affordable will allow you to take advantage of the convenience these trash receptacles provide during your next home remodel without blowing your budget on rental costs. Contact a business, such as Tri-State Disposal, for more information.